Study on the efficacy of PGPB techniques conducted by researchers of the CNR-ICB and of the Department of Medical Biotechnologies (UNISIENA) in a experimental field of Società Agricola Accadia Verde in Accadia (FG).



The research of novel bio-based technology in agriculture is necessary both for ensuring soil quality and harvest protection, and for eco-sustainable production system by the reduction of consumption of chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. One of the most promising strategies in agricultural sustainability is the use of Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB). A study realized by Tommonaro et. Al, showed that the application of EM® biofertilizer (EM-SCHWEIZ AG, Switzerland) represents a very promising eco-friendly strategy for increase crop production and for the enhancement in yield and healthy quality of crops. More specifically, the effects of microbial inoculation on four tomato varieties (Brandywine, Corbarino Giallo, S. Marzano Cirio, S. Marzano Antico) and compared to the same varieties cultivated with traditional methodologies. Tomato plants were grown in an experimental field of Società Agricola Accadia Verde Srl located in ‘Vado Cannata’ in Accadia (Foggia, Southern Italy) presenting very good exposure to sun and water. More information about results: https://


Tommonaro, G.; Abbamondi, G.R.; Nicolaus, B.; Poli, A.; D’Angelo, C.; Iodice, C.; De Prisco, R. Productivity and Nutritional Trait Improvements of Different Tomatoes Cultivated with Effective Microorganisms Technology. Agriculture 2021, 11, 112.