The Accadia Verde Agricultural Company is an agro-zootechnical-dairy company that blends tradition and technological innovation with the aim of creating genuine products for attentive and aware consumers. For the enviromental sustainability and the local history consideration, the strict and meticulous control of production processes ensures high quality products with an authentic flavour.

One of the mottos most dear to the peasants is “Mother Earth never betrays”. Nowadays, nature is more and more stepmother, and the quality of the products depends on which and how many technological skills are employed. Ancient wisdoms represent a priceless heritage to be preserved, but they must be combined with a modern vision and the application of innovative techniques.

For this reason, it is essential that strong synergies are generated between the various levels of expertise and the entire team cooperates to achieve the same result. The team is made up of a breeder, three farmers, two dairymen, a food technologist, an agronomist, a nutritionist and five researchers dedicated to research and development activities.



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