"Società Agricola Accadia Verde" is an agro-zootechnical-dairy company that operates in the agri-food sector with multifunctional objectives and projects.

The company is located in  Accadia (FG, Puglia Region) and Ariano Irpino (AV, Campania Region) territories. The production of Accadia Verde is heterogeneous and ranges from extra virgin olive oil, legumes, fodder, wheat to milk and cheeses.

It produces different types of goat cheese, ricotta and yogurt with the "Nelmiocampo" brand using raw and high quality goat milk.

Accadia Verde is strengthened by the experience and passion of local farmers and breeders, combining elements of tradition with the introduction of innovative techniques.

Thanks to this approach, Accadia Verde offers the consumer a direct relationship with the company based on supply chain traceability systems and quality control, offering products of the highest quality and healthiness.

Self-produced Fodder and Cereals

The search of the best livestock feeding is based on self-produced fodder and cereals.

Closed Supply Chain

Timely and complete control of the dairy supply chain. Each phase of the process is tracked thanks to the use of software and sensors. 

Raw Goat Milk

For the transformation of all products, just raw goat milk is used. 

Livestock Welfare

The animals are treated with the best technologies in a comfortable shed and graze free  in large outdoor paddocks.


Rich in polyphenols, natural antioxidants and vitamin E, it is a real elixir of life.

Organic Regime

Most of the agronomic heritage is exploited with organic farming (EC Reg. 834/07), while a smaller portion is being converted.

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